Endurance Team Styria – Timing Solutions is more than just timekeeping…

  • FEI approved multi-gate multi-venue transponder timing system
  • Processing entries and publishing of the entries on the web-site
  • Running the ride office and printout of the complete paperwork for the riders and reports for officials including financial reports
  • FEI approved paperless VET-Gate using tablet computers
  • High Speed camera sytem for judging the finish – line
  • GPS Tracking system with public access through the internet for spectators and grooms. A new position can be given at 10 second intervalls
  • Construction of vet-gate infrastructure, including cabling and shelters for timekeepers and officials
  • Gate organisation and Timekeeping during the ride including multi-day rides as well as different Gate locations. Continuous live result updates on the web-site
  • Public announcement and information for the riders and spectators with our own PA system and own Videowalls or Monitors during the ride and also for opening or closing ceremonies.
  • Automatic calculation of the Best-Condition Award
  • Processing intermediate and final results for riders, press and the FN or FEI and as well as publishing the results live on the web-site
  • Handling and processing of the FEI entry system
  • Mobile Hotspot for live results on mobile phones or tablets
  • Accreditation and security systems for big events
  • Management of the vet-clinic linked to the timing. Management of treating bills
  • Video streaming of the vet gate area and the track with our high speed servers
  • Mobile lightpoles for lighting gate or stable area
  • Full power independency, with our own generators and power backups