Heart Rate Monitoring

Endurance Team Styria – Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring – ENDURO-HRM©

After a long evaluation and developement period in house the ENDURO-HRM© system is ready to go and approved by the FEI for use in endurance competitions.

Taking the heart rate is a core parameter in the gate. The veterinarian sometimes finds himself in the role of a judge deciding if the horse is within the parameters or not.

To avoid any discussion or doubts the heart rate is taken by the machine and displayed for the public.

We are using the new FEI protocol which speeds up the process and with the wireless handles the heart rate may also be taken outside the trotting lanes and even on track if needed. Especially with nervous horses the wireless handle communicating with the display has big advantages avoiding cable accidents and rope burns if horses are turning.

The system is fully power independent so it can be used with a minimum setup time and all the values are transferred to the ETS timing systems for further processing or controlling by the ground jury. Even without ETS timing systems the ENDURO-HRM© may be used as an independent system to ease the work of the veterinarians.