Access Control

Endurance Team Styria – ENDURO-SafeAccess©

According to the new FEI rules for Endurance and the rules for all other disciplines
the access control of the field of play is a key factor. Especially access to the stables
is a horse welfare issue.
One of our latest inventions is a fully automatic access control embedded in the existing
modules of the Endurance Team Styria Solutions.
– color printed badges with photo, security areas and access information
– back side of the badges may be used for sponsor logos and emergency information
– machine readable information
– access control with RF scanner guns at the stables, filed of play and other security areas
  like VIP lounges or other restricted areas
– linked to the timing module to restrict access to the filed of play (§ 801.8.2)
– linked to the FEI database
– quick and easy procedure at multiple gates
– entrance protocols out of a central database
– less staff or stewards needed to restrict access
– linked to the timing or as a standalone application